Monday, 16 June 2014

A little retrospective blog tidying up

Seriously - where have the past two years gone? I finally got some time to myself to have a look through some of my older stuff and came across my blog. Unfortunately I had let it stagnate a bit in the recent year or two, so I've decided to retrospectively go through and clear up some loose ends amongst other things.

I've removed the ads. Unfortunately whilst I had great plans to make a million from Google Adsense, it just never happened - in fact, I didn't get even minutely close to my million target. Mission failed.

I've chosen a new design. The old skin was about as minimal as I could go, I loved the design when I first started the blog, however as time has moved on, I began to hate it. It had a darkish-not-nice theme to it, so we're now set with a nice bright white and blue theme.

I've removed some old outbound links. As proof of how quickly the internet moves on, I have revisited several of the sites I used to visit and several of them had closed down. I removed them.