Thursday, 11 December 2014

Do Retina Images affect SEO?

This week I've been approached to help the website Naughty Naughty with their marketing strategy. Naughty Naughty is a new business based in the UK and they are using a domain that has previously had some bad optimisation done to it by a previous company, this was before Naughty Naughty acquired the domain name.

The genre is obviously nudging towards being adult, which means that the marketing for this business will differ slightly from what we'd usually advise. For example, they do have a Facebook page and a Twitter page but how much use either of these pages will be is debatable as neither Facebook nor Twitter allow adult advertising. However, I'd still always recommend the Social networks as a great way of keeping customers engaged.

This particular area of the adult market is now becoming a lot more common, and people are finally able to look at many of the items without blushing. I think as a whole the 'lighter side' of the market is growing rapidly; for example the gifts and games are growing. It's also becoming a lot more acceptable for someone to buy their partner toys - something you never would have imagined a few years back! So as a whole, providing marketing for a website such as Naughty Naughty will be a lot easier now than it would have been several years back.

Retina Image

One of the things I do suggest which I think provides a great user experience for any online shop is providing high quality images plus retina images wherever possible. Screen resolutions are now getting super high resolution and by providing the user with great quality images it allows them to better decide if they like the products.

Rich Snippets

Another big thing going into 2015 will be Rich Snippets. You can think of rich snippets as invisible tags within the page (somewhat like META tags), however, these ones help Google structure the data within your website. I've advised that Naughty Naughty implement Rich Snippets as a priority, as I think these will play a huge factor in 2015.

What do you think?

I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on where you think marketing will be going in 2015 and if you have any suggestions for the Naughty Naughty website's marketing strategy you can contact me or leave a commment below!